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The Present Will and Testament of Todd Wolfe

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

(Inspired by the will of another. Thanks Leah)

I have written my will and it brings me comfort.

But should it? Why would it? Knowing

some day when deaths tendrils rise up to take me down,

I will Rest In Peace knowing the things I have commanded on this day

will be done...on that day, that someday, that somewhere, that out there.

But I breath today, on this day.

I hope today, in this space.

I live today, in this life.

And so I

I will love.

(Dear friend, read that again. I think you misunderstand me. Will is the verb here, love is what we are verbing. Don’t be misled, this is not some statement that we will love. No, we will do this now. I am doing this now...I am willing my love to you.)

I will peace. (Disruptive Peace)

I will disturbance. (Gracious Disturbance)

I will creativity. (Mind-blowing Creativity)

I will poetry. (Mind-growing Poetry)

I will art. (Life-altering Art)

I will breath. (Life-centering Breath)

I will thought. (Actual Thinking...with my own Brain)

I will new thoughts. (Stretching Thoughts)

I will new disturbing thoughts. (To bring Peace)

I will perseverance. (To bring Change)

I will intent. (Steadfast Intent)

I will spontaneity. (Intentional Spontaneity)

I will new experiences. (Regenerative Experiences)

I will uncomfortable experiences. (Dream-realizing Discomfort)

I will new uncomfortable experiences. (Aka...Growth)

I will growth. (Static-resistance Growth)

I will resistance. (Peace-seeking Resistance)

I will solidarity. (Self-realizing Solidarity)

I will collaboration. (Self-altering Collaboration)

I will breath. (Breath Will)

I will art. (Art Will)

I will poetry. (Poetry Will)

I will creativity. (Creativity Will)

I will grace. (Grace Will)

I will peace. (Peace Will)

I will love. (Love Will. It really will! But only if I


Will you? (I can’t will you. Your will is your own.)

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Feb 14, 2023

After 1) getting your email about my gaffe (sending an internal email to the whole TAC database) and 2) discovering that you are the speaker at Owego Rotary's luncheon meeting next week, and 3) finding out your work is on exhibit next month in the TAC gallery, I just HAD to check you out. I've seen your art before (stunning and stirring) but didn't realize you wrote too! I so look forward to meeting you!

p.s. this piece is quite moving.

Todd Wolfe
Todd Wolfe
Feb 15, 2023
Replying to

Anne, Thanks for your kind words. I look forward to meeting you as well.

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