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TRUTH? Not Everything 
Is White and Black

March 3-28, 2023  
Tioga Arts Council
179 Front Street, Owego, NY

TRUTH? Not Everything Is White and Black was created to challenge the false narratives that we often create about ourselves, others, and the world around us. The show presents pairs of statements that are obviously false alongside statements of false narratives we create. The one-way mirror centerpiece summarizes Todd’s hope for the show: to move viewers away from a life of judgment towards a life of introspection. ​

Video Walkthrough 

The show is over, but you can experience it with the following walkthrough of the show.  Make sure you turn on the sound if you want to hear the narration (bottom right corner).    

Installation Photos

The following 12 photos give a good overview of the show.    

Diptych Images

The main body of the show is a series of thirteen diptychs (a set of two canvases) that presents statements that are obviously false or examples of false narratives that we often believe are true but are no more true than the obviously false statements. 

Wall of Change

The rear interactive gallery was created with the hope of including the viewers in the show. My hope was that viewers would be encouraged to rethink their differences with others, moving from seeing those differences as oppositional and instead seeing them as complementary. Below are some of my favorite flags from the wall of change.

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