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April 6-29, 2022  
Tioga Arts Council
179 Front Street, Owego, NY

Every Spring, the Tioga Arts Council (TAC) has a fundraising show called Artfully Squared.  Local artist donate artwork 7"x7" or smaller that is then sold for a fixed price of $20 each.  All funds support TAC with their mission of promoting art in the Southern Tier of New York.  

This year I created a corner canvas titled: Seek It Out! The text on the canvas reads "Freedom Hides in the Corners."  Freedom is not something that puts itself forward, it needs to be sought out and claimed.  America experienced this with the Revolutionary War.  And, America is still experiencing this truth as many minorities and marginalized groups are forced to fight to claim their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.  

Also, having just finished the show TRUTH? Not Everything Is White and Black at the Tioga Arts Council, I decided to donate some of the original concept pieces that had been hanging on the wall in my office.  

TAC's mission is:

The Tioga Arts Council enriches the cultural lives of residents and visitors by initiating and facilitating creative opportunities and collaborations. Through exhibitions, performances, education and cultural experiences, the Tioga Arts Council provides a central platform for a creative community.

Check out their website to find out more about Art in the Southern Tier of New York:

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