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April 1-30, 2022  
Broome County Arts Council
Artisan Gallery at Orazio Salt Studio & Gallery
204 State Street, Binghamton, NY

I was fortunate to be be selected as one of the artists at Broome County Arts Council's (BCAC) annual Spring Awakening show.  The two images below are the piece, Iteration 25, as it hangs in the show.  

From the BCAC website:  

The BCAC is an independent, 501(c)3 public service organization that provides community-informed arts programs and services through active planning, advising and education. We serve as a clearinghouse for arts information, and provide stewardship of existing art treasuries through financial support and collaboration. We also grant awards to individual artists, arts organizations and community-based projects. Our historical research and tours of public art inspires the community to both preserve and create the art culture of Broome County. And the good news? This is just the beginning.

Find out more about the BCAC at their website:

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