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Rejected or Non-Accepted?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

So, today I got non-accepted to an art show. I wasn't rejected, that would require them to actually contact me and say no. Rather they simply posted online the acceptance of the other artists. So, I was not rejected, but, I was also not accepted.

I think that I am OK with it. I think I am anyway. You see, I really did have to read the list of accepted artists numerous times because I am too much in live with my art and I really can’t believe anyone would not to jump at the chance to get on board my train. This of course, is a problem…and an essential part of succeeding in the art world.

Character traits are like that. They almost always have a good side and a bad side. A character trait is kinda like a coin. Always two sides. But, we get to decide which side lies upward when that trait is played.

This afternoon, after struggling with the tail wagging the dog for much of the morning, I am choosing to turn the coin over and place it head-side up on the table. I am choosing to believe that I make some pretty good art. Not everybody has to love it. I may have more development to do. But, damn-it…I will believe these things, live in their truth and put my art out there again.

Actually, truth be told, I think I was non-accepted because my stuff is so good that it would have made everything else look bad and they did not have the courage to actually say those words to me. (OK, that may be going too far, there were some pretty nice pieces that were accepted into the show. Guess I just need to keep on keeping on.)

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