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Fear and Courage

Updated: Aug 16, 2022


Fear is real.

Fear is what grips us in the long dark night, when sleep evades and the mind will not stop.

Fear is what stops us from doing “that thing” because we either believe we will fail or don’t believe we will succeed.

Fear is what keeps us from sharing a thought, a passion, our art, our idea, because we already know that the world will laugh.

Fear is what stays our hand, never hitting “send” because we know the answer will be “no”.

Fear keeps us in bed, keeps the art supplies at the store, keeps the idea in our head.


Fear is not real.

Fear is not a thing in this world, but an emotional reaction to this world that exists in our heads.

Fear is learned. We learn to be afraid the same way we learn anything: by conditioning and repetition.

Fear is controllable. It can be identified. It can be understood. It can be demystified. It can be rejected.

Fear is always there. But it does not have to be in control.


Courage is real.

Courage is what puts us to bed, knowing the long dark night is ahead, but that we will be alive in the morning.

Courage is what make us do “that thing” even when we believe it will likely fail.

Courage is what makes us share our thought, share our art, and share our idea even though we cannot control others responses.

Courage is what pushes “send,” even though “no” is a real possibility.

Courage is what gets us out of bed, is what purchases art supplies, and what puts that idea in our head onto the paper.

Fear will always be there. Choose to be Courageous.

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